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Hans Dolieslager was born in Leyden in 1950. He was a student at the Academy Ars Aemula Naturea in Leyden with Fer Hakkaart for some years.
In 1976 and 1979 he got his education-qualifications of Drawing and Handicraft.
Since 1982 he has worked as and independent artist in Goedereede.
Since 1989 he has been one of the organisers of
expositions of modern art in the townhall of Middelharnis.
In 1989 Hans Dolieslager was one of the lecturers in a course of drawing and painting which was broadcast by Dutch Television in 1990.
From 1991 to 1997 he was on the board of SBK Zuidhollandse Eilanden (an organisation for the lending of art) in Hellevoetsluis/Middelharnis.
From 1997 to 2004 Hans Dolieslager has advised the county of Zuid-Holland with expositions in the countyhall in The Hague.
He is reguraly involved in cultural projects in the region where he lives.


1985 Gemeente Middelharnis (Ets)
1985 Hernesseroord (Ets)
1989 Nederlandse Metaalbewerkersbond (Ets)
1990 Gemeente Oostflakkee (Zeefdruk)
1990 Siemens Nederland (Zeefdruk)
1991 Siemens Nederland (Zeefdruk)
1995 Gemeente Hellevoetsluis (Zeefdruk)
1995 Stichting Woningbouwvereniging Voorburg (Drieluik olieverf)
1997 Mariniersmuseum Rotterdam (Olieverf/doek)
1998 Diaconessenziekenhuis Utrecht (Plafondschildering)
2001 Royal Nederland (Zeefdruk)
2001 Gemeente Oostflakkee (Zeefdruk)
2002 Holland-Amerikalijn (Zeefdruk)
2002 Stichting Zuid-Wester (Zeefdruk)
2003 Allianz Nederland (Zeefdruk)
2006 Allianz Nederland (Zeefdruk)
2006 Kunststichting Goedereede (Zeefdruk)


Kunstkalender Provincie Zuid-Holland; augustus 1996
Kunstkalender Provincie Zuid-Holland; september 1997
Kunstkalender SNS-Bank 1999
Kunstkalender Zuijderduijn Art Promotion - Ronald McDonald house - 2001
Kunstkalender Zuijderduijn Art Promotion - Ronald McDonald house 2003
Kunstkalender SNS-Bank 2004


Cataloque 1995 - publication in co-operation with AZ-Kunstprojekten
Kunstbeeld May 1996 - Thea Figee
Catalogue Exibition Grafic Art Zuid-Holland - Den Haag
Catalogue Grafiek Nu 1996/1998/2000 - Singer Museum
Grasduinen February 1998 - Geert van der Broek
Catalogue: Zuid-Holland in Art, 13 artists look at Zuid-Holland
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